FirstInpsect is an Asset inspection system. Inspections are carried out on equipment in service to check on: equipment state, suitability for purpose and remaining lifespan. Traditionally done on paper and manually entered into spreadsheets this is a time consuming and costly exercise.

FirstInpsect reduces cost and increases accuracy by: identifying equipment instantly using RFID tags and handheld computers, opening the correct inspection to be done on the equipment, stopping repeat effort by storing inspection data on the handheld computer and sending the information back to a centralised data store. InspectFirst achieves Data Integrity, reduces time and cost of inspection operations and provides better value for money from inspection teams.


  • Everything our TrackFirst product offers plus..
  • Easy control over inspection quality
  • Reduced error
  • Faster inspections
  • Control work orders easily


  • Everything our TrackFirst product offers plus..
  • ATEX rated handhelds
  • Control work orders online
  • Equipment statistics
  • Electronic warnings on inspection results
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