FirstTrack is an Asset management system. In the warehouse, on sites, rigs and other installations there can be thousands of items being moved and shipped at any one time. This presents a logistical nightmare for the operations team; keeping track of position, in coming and out going equipment is a huge task traditionally done on paper.

TrackFirst uses RFID and handheld computer technology to ease the problem and cost by: elminating paper forms and providing a centralised electronic store for tracking data. TrackFirst reduces cost, increases throughput and provides greater visibility into logistical operations.


  • Less wasted time
  • No paper forms
  • Better data integrity
  • Instant asset identification
  • Centrally managed data available from anywhere
  • Clear and concise reporting
  • Electronic alerts on arrival and low quantity warnings


  • RFID tags
  • Barcodes and printers
  • Handheld computers with built in RFID scanners
  • SQL reltaional databases
  • Online access to your data
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